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Corrections in bold:

page 4: I or 9 or 5 1/2 mm.; G or 6 or 4 1/4 mm.; D or 3 or 3 1/4 mm.

page 13 (in the middle of the page): You now have 2 loops on your hook. Yarn over, and then pull it through the 2 loops on the hook. You have just crocheted a right-handed single crochet stitch. (figure 9.1R)

page 27:
Photo 7 is upside down; In Photo 6 the measurement is five stitches per inch since there are five stitches between the 5 and 6-inch markers; In Photo 7 the measurement is five rows per inch, since there are five rows between the 5 and 6-inch markers.

page 46: The graph paper on page 106 should be on page 46, as it was designed for carrying several yarns. The graph paper that appears on page 46 is the computerized version of the graph paper on page 45, both of which are designed for average stitch height.

page 53: Plate 11. (above) Wall hanging project designed from a photograph. Instructions begin on page 95.

page 56 (first line): should have a total of 49 cotton (29 modacrylic)

page 57: Photo 17 is wrong; the change purse on the right should have a dark colored bottom.

page 66: D: Single crochet 244 stitches around with the color yarn, then cut the white yarn flush. Single crochet the last 3 stitches. Finish off. Work in the end.

Omit figure 42
because it is misleading since there are no decreases in the corner stitches.

page 67: The information for the clock faces in the margins should be reversed; the one on the right is actually the larger clock face crocheted with modacrylic yarn.

page 73: The motifs in Photos 29 and 30 do not align horizontally because these photos show where one round ends and another begins.

page 97: Row 15: Chain 1 with white, tapestry crochet 10 white, 1 beige, 11 white, 1 beige, 1 white, 1 brown, 10 white, 8 beige, 2 brown, 8 beige, 11 white, 1 beige stitch.

page 100: Row 26: Chain 1 with white, tapestry crochet 22 white, 12 beige, 5 white, 1 beige, 4 white, 1 beige, 20 white stitches.

Only in the INTERWEAVE reprinted edition: The graph paper on page 107 is upside-down.


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