Link For Left-Handed Tapestry Crochet Instructions

The hook is usually inserted from front to back, under the two top loops of the stitch being crocheted into. If the hook is inserted into only one of the top loops, there will be a horizontal line of yarn over each crochet stitch. Being able to carry colors is essential for tapestry crochet, allowing a two-or more color design to be worked without floats on the back. The concealed colors make the finished piece more durable. The carrying technique enables knots and loose ends to be eliminated as well. To carry a yarn, first, lay the additional yarn over the top two loops of the stitches being crocheted into, leaving a one-inch tail sticking out of the back. The carried yarn can be slightly angled to the front of the fabric and kept in place with the thumb of the left hand.

Single crochet across as usual, keeping the carried yarn on top of the loops, crocheting under and over it. If done correctly, the carried yarn will not be visible from either the front or the back of the work. After the round has been completed, the one inch tail (that was left sticking out of the back of the piece) can be snipped off. More than one color yarn can be carried at the same time for a multicolored tapestry crochet motif. Each yarn carried will slightly increase the height of the single crochet stitch. For a consistent appearance, start to carry the yarn at the beginning of a project, even if there will not be any color changes for a few rounds.

The tapestry crochet stitch is similar to the single crochet stitch. One or more yarns are carried while a yarn is being crocheted. You have to plan ahead with the tapestry crochet stitch, though, because the yarn switch occurs while two loops of an incomplete crochet stitch are still on the hook.

Make the final yarn over and loop with the carried yarn.

Continue to crochet across while carrying the previously crocheted yarn, until another yarn change is desired.

Even though these illustrations are from my copyrighted tapestry crochet books, you may copy them and use them to teach others, on the condition that you do not change the title and that you do not copyright them as your own!

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