Link For Left-Handed Tapestry Crochet in Rounds Instructions

Work 3 stitches into the last chain stitch in the space indicated by the arrow, then pull the short tail of yarn.

Turn the piece around so that what was on the top is now on the bottom. Single crochet on the new top through the chain where the arrow indicates. This is a real deviation from traditional crochet.
Insert the hook through the new top of the chain and under the end piece of yarn. Continue to single crochet as before, crocheting around the end piece as you go along.
This completes the first round of single crochet. Insert the hook where the arrow indicates to start the second round.
Continue to single crochet around, inserting the hook now under the two top loops of each stitch of the previous row. Care must be taken to crochet only one stitch into each end stitch as indicated by the arrows, to create a vertical tube.

Even though these illustrations are from my copyrighted tapestry crochet books, you may copy them and use them to teach others, on the condition that you do not change the title and that you do not copyright them as your own!

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